Medical Examinations & Reports

We hope this information will help explain our policy on medical reports and forms.

Whilst a small number of reports are available as part of our NHS Service, the majority of forms do not form part of our core NHS contract. Reports therefore attract a fee as non NHS work. You can find more information here.

Whilst we recognise the importance of medical reports and forms, we must place clinical priority on caring for NHS patients first.

What will happen if you need a report?

  • Please contact our administration team to discuss your needs by phone or email
  • We will ask you to send us specific details of the form/report needed
  • One of the partnership team will review your report, and advise you (within 3-5 working days ideally):
    • if this is NHS funded work
    • The provisional charge for the report if not
    • The maximum expected turnaround time
      • usually 28 days from you agreeing the cost for non NHS work
      • usually 14 days for NHS work