Patient Online 24/7

Book appointments, request medication & view your records online 24/7.

Waterloo Health is online, join us now!

Patient online is our service supporting you to have access to your health records.

Currently patients can:

  • Book a contact slot with a GP or Nursing appointment.
  • View their medications & request repeat prescriptions.
  • View a summary list of their health problems including allergies.
  • View their recent blood tests (and GP comments)
  • View coded health information in their records e.g. Blood Pressure


The NHS App is a new service to access your records. You can download the App and register by uploading your Driving Licence or Passport.

Download Here!

Registering for the Online service

You will need to have already registered at Waterloo Health as a patient.

We want you to be fully informed of the benefits and also risks of online access to your records. We enccourage you to read the documents below:

If you wish to register, please complete the form below:

To protect your personal information, you must bring it to the centre with Photo ID*.

Access either of our providers below with the same login details:


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*Photo ID would include a valid passport or driver’s license