Patient Online 24/7

Book appointments, request medication & view your records online 24/7.

Waterloo Health is online, join us now!

Patient online is our service supporting you to have access to your health records.

Currently patients can:

  • Book a contact slot with a GP or Nursing appointment.
  • View their medications & request repeat prescriptions.
  • View a summary list of their health problems including allergies.
  • View their recent blood tests (and GP comments)
  • View coded health information in their records e.g. Blood Pressure

Registering for this service

You will need to have already registered at Waterloo Health as a patient.

We want you to be fully informed of the benefits and also risks of online access to your records. We enccourage you to read the documents below:

If you wish to register, please complete the form below:

To protect your personal information, you must bring it to the centre with Photo ID*.

Access either of our providers below with the same login details:


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*Photo ID would include a valid passport or driver’s license