People with Long Term Conditions

We’ll be updating this with resources to support patients in managinf their long term conditions

Annual Health Review

We offer and Annual Health Review to all of our patients with a Long Term Condition. You are usually invited in your BIRTHDAY Month for review here at the clinic.  This is usually a two part review with our nusing team to review all of your conditions at the same time and ensure you are on the appropriate treatment plan, as well as feel empowered to look after your health.


Our lead for Diabetes care is Dr George Verghese who provides both face to face and telephone review of patients with Diabetes.

We also review all patients diagnosed with Prediabetes Annually. You can find a wealth of information with Diabetes UK.

We take part in the National Diabetes Audit which helps to improve our care of patients:

Chronic Kidney Disease

High Blood Pressure ( Hypetension)

Heart Failure