Vulnerable People

Vulnerable Groups includes a wide range of patients who may be at risk, or who are currently at risk of harm either because of their medical or social problems. You can find more information about identifying vulnerable adults here.

Vulnerable groups can include those (but not limited to) with Intellectual or Physical Disability, Mental Health Problems including Demetia, or Communication Problems

The clinical team undergo training to help support and identify those that may be at risk. We have clear policies to highlight those patients within the records and take extra care to identify any additional needs they may have.

If you have concerns about one of our patients who you know or care for please contact us


If you are experiencing domestic violence and abuse, it is not your fault. You are not alone!
If you don’t feel safe, are frightened, in immediate danger or if the abuse is getting worse please get support.

You can also communicate to a team member that you are a victim of domestic violence by using a simple and discreet hand signal, tucking your thumb into your fist.  See more information about the Signal for Help


Signal For Help | Use Sign to Ask for Help | Canadian Women’s Foundation