Local Care Records


Integrating your care with our partners

Health and care partners in South East London, such as your GP, hospitals, and mental health, community and social care services, work together to make best use of your personal data to improve your treatment and care.

This collaborative work helps us to build a more complete picture of all your health and care needs. South East London Integrated Care Records (Local Care Record in Southwark, Lambeth and Bromley) 

Integrated care records in South East London securely connect the electronic health record systems in your GP practice with similar systems in other care settings.

These include South East London hospitals, care professionals in urgent and emergency care services (such as NHS 111 or 999), the London Ambulance Service and the National Record Locator Service, which is run by the NHS in England.

Integrating your care records means that your care teams can view your medications, previous treatments, test results and any other relevant care information at the touch of a button.

This improves communication between your health and care providers, making the best use of clinical resources during your appointments or hospital stay.

Sharing health records is helping to improve your care by providing your care team with essential clinical information at the touch of a button.

This reduces the need for repeated phone calls and delayed letters.

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If you wish to opt out please complete the Local Care Record Opt Out Form here.

Please note that this is not the same opt out as a Summary Care Record.