Premises Update Waterloo Health Centre


The background

The lease for our premises of 3 and 5 Lower Marsh expired in March 2022. Throughout 2020 and 2021 we had been in discussion with our landlord’s agent and understood that they intended to extend our lease for another 10 years. It was only in March 2022 that we were told that our landlords had made the decision not to renew the lease and that instead they wished to develop 1-5 Lower Marsh.

What is happening now

We are now involved in legal proceedings and so are limited around what we are in practice can disclose.

We are currently being supported by the Southeast London Integrated Care board in support in our estate's issues. Together we are working on a long-term solution so we can continue providing a general practice service for the Waterloo area into the future.

It is likely that our permanent solution will not be ready for a few years and so as a fall back option we are also developing a temporary solution to be sited at 114-118 Lower Marsh. This modular accommodation, when ready, will be fully equipped to help us provide our clinical services to our patients.

Our Community

The Waterloo Health Centre practice team has been heartened by the staunch support from our local community. We have been overwhelmed with offers of help from our patients, residents, local councillors, Local MP, we are waterloo BID, South Bank and Waterloo Neighbours Group, Waterloo community and development group, to name just a few. It has been a useful reminder to all of us of what a valuable service we provide.

We want to thank all those who have provided suggestions and help so far and we will do our utmost to protect our practice for our patients such that we can continue to serve all today and into the future.

How can you hear more

We will continue to keep this page updated and have further PPG and community meetings.

Supporting our temporary accommodation planning on 114-118 Lower Marsh

We want the development of the temporary accommodation to go as smoothly as possible.

This is so that we can continue to provide a GP service without risk. The planning application for this is on the Lambeth Council planning website.

If you find the application suitable, it would be useful if you could lend your support for the planning application by adding a comment on the web link above. The closing date for this is the 10th June 2023. 

Published: Apr 25, 2023