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Order Your Next Contraceptive Pill Online 

Free Delivery or Collection

How you can order the contraceptive pill?

Did you know you can order the contraceptive pill online?

At Sexual Health London you can get the pill for free whether you want to start using the pill for the first time or need to order more.

You can even get emergency contraception, if you need it.

All delivered discreetly straight to your door.

Find out more on the Find Sexual Health website

For women who don’t have time to wait for a GP appointment to get the pill, ordering online from the Sexual Health London website is your answer.

With the free e-service, you can:

  • Get your first or next pill
  • Get 3, 6 or 12 months’ supply
  • Get the emergency pill

Ready To Order? Visit the Find Sexual Health Website

Sexual Health London

Sexual Health London is a discreet sexual health service for Londoners. Our STI testing service is for people who have mild or no STI symptoms, and would like to get themselves checked. You can also request free regular and emergency contraception (effective up to 5 days after unprotected sex) by completing a simple, secure online consultation.




FPA - The Sexual Health Company

FPA’s mission is to be Sexual Health Company who provides gold standard, accurate, unbiased and up to date information on Relationships and Sex Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Postnatal Health and Wellbeing.

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